Where to play slots





Where to play slots, slots, play slots for money, play online

Where to play slots, slots, play slots for money

Hello All Slots Players,

I wanted to take the time to Welcome you to Where to Play Slots, My site devoted to Slots Strategy and the love of the game.

The web has opened up a hole new world for slot players to play online and a lot of choices for where to play slots. No more little lame handhelds or cheap video games.

Now you can play games from anywhere. On almost anything. Althought don't get me wrong I'm still addicted to my little handheld and I keep it my purse.

I tried to organize the site into a couple of different section.

Land-based free play slot game like Banana Rama (mulit-line slot) from the Mirage (a wicked game that you just can't seem to loose at) it use to allow you to gain points to be used at the Vegas casino for betters rooms, weekend trips or meals. Check it out in my off line section. If you get a chance email the webmaster while your there and ask them to bring it back.

Or you can play online. I've kept the list of potentials small sites where you can play slots online. I only list slot sites I've played at and won. I find there's too many places now. So If I don't win and if they don't have progressive slots then I move on. I find it's a buyers beware market. But you can gamble with confidence at my on-line section. Remember to have a look at the how to play section before you go. Chance favors the prepared mind, I always love trying new slot strategy's to see what works best for what game. If you have any slot strategy's you'd like me to post just drop me a line.

Or if you just want to play check out my free game play section. I have tons of video slot games you can play for free on-line. I'm going to be expanding this area to have an entire arcade of video slots machines that are all free, free, free.

And finally please sign my guest book and remember to check back regularly. I'm going to be adding a slot chat group and a bulletin board. So visitors can keep people up to date on cool places to play for free and to play slots for money, and share general slot information and slot strategies.

Sue Maher.
Slot Player -
Where to play slots .com

p.s. I wanted to thank my cousin Chris for providing the inspiration for where to play slots .com. In the true spirit of the web, I borrowed some of his design then made it better. :)

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Where to play slots


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play slots for money

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